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Our Montcoudray was presented with a gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole 2017. This cows milk cheese takes its name from the Coudray-Salbart Castle which sits atop a hill in the town of Echiré. This delicious cheese will surprise you with its texture and flavour.


Caillage du lait cru - Sèvre & Belle - Atelier de la Sèvre

Step 1: Milk curdling

The goats milk collected by the Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre is used raw, with the addition of milk enzymes and a light amount of pressure in order to let the milk set slowly.

Histoire Atelier de la Sèvre - Histoire Sèvre & Belle - Moulage à la louche - Terroir - Fromages au lait cru - Atelier de la Sèvre - Sèvre & Belle

Step 2: Ladle moulding

The curd is removed and then placed into moulds which give the cheese its shape.


Step 3: Cheese draining

Draining the cheese allows us to extract the small amount of milk contained within the curds; it is a very important step as it ensures that the cheese is properly conserved. To do this, the moulds which the curds are placed in are perforated to allow the cheese to naturally drain without any pressure.

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Depuis 1 semaine, nous avons une page dédiée à notre marque Atelier de la Sèvre. En passant par la collecte du lait jusqu’au conditionnement, la fabrication ancestrale de nos fromages n’aura plus de secrets pour vous ! Prendre le temps …

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The Atelier de la Sèvre range is a range of authentic, healthy, natural regional cheeses dedicated to creamers and
restorers. Our products are made in Deux-Sèvres, in our dairy located in Celles-sur-Belle, 20 km from Niort.

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